Tuesday, February 9, 2010

will we be off on a jet plane tomorrow???

That is the hope, if this blizzard clears out.

The plan is to head down to Daytona with my brother and sister in law. To meet the parents for a mini family vacation until monnday.

A few little things I look forward to on this vacation.
[Besides the obvious---no work, sun, relaxing]
1. waking up early to go for walks on the beach or through new neighborhoods
2. discovering new stores, including grocery stores [always enamored, I think I get it from my mom]
3. the smells of warmer destination and the way my skin will feel and the palm trees
4. being able to read in a chair for hours on end and it is ok
5. going out to eat, finding new restaurants and people watching
6. nascar night race….yes you read that correctly
7. spending quality time, unrushed with my family
8. having girl chats with my mom
9. being out of my normal routine
10. the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and late night krispe cream runs.

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  1. Hey girl! Hope you made it with no trouble! your blog looks great with all the sidebars! nice work! :)