Sunday, February 21, 2010

Location: Monroe place

Date night with miss shatto. And what a date it was. Cinco de mayo!
First no awkward pauses, good conversation.
Food delicious, dessert fabulous and free.
Little Olympics and lineup.
Check exchange was easy.
She took charge and decided our next destination and company.
The goodbyes were simply.
AND she has already texted the next day.
Sounds great, gentleman take note!!!!!
So next time you plan for a ladies night out and everyone comes back with legit excuse, do not let it hold you back from still going out. :)


  1. where did you go to dinner? Cinco de Mayo? Where is that? new?

  2. yup cinco de mayo. it is a new location downtown on monroe across from rosa parks. it is owned by el burrito. you will need to try it out this summer! :)