Friday, February 5, 2010

Fire burning….

At the parents or on the dance floor?

Yesterday my parents left for their month long adventure in Florida. They have officially joined the old folks. So they call me at like 10 to report their travels thus far, the 1st of the MANY calls I will be receiving in the next month that starts out with, “miss me yet??” As if they have been gone for an eternity. They also needed to let me know that the fire department had been dispatched to the house. Thank goodness Jeff went over and there was nothing wrong. BUT then I get another call about 45 min later and the fire alarm is going off again. So now at 11:15, it is my turn to make the trek over to open the door for the repair man [in the morning] and turn the alarm off. [let me admit, tad scared that some creeper man was robbing the house and going to attack me] but thank goodness that was not the case. I was not able to dispatch the alarm but I was able to unlock the door and enjoy an 11:30 jessie mccartny sweat pant tunic sweater boot not so strong glasses drive to the 4421.

no fire burning at the parents….but perhaps a little fire burning on the dance floor. tomorrow at the classy black and white party of shatto and verwys. the event of the month [and yes it is called an event bc it will be classy]!
Happy birthday my dear friends. Let the festivities begin bc shorty its your birthday!

Sidenote: this morning I received a call that our white ford focus was on the east beltline and constantly hitting breaks. And don’t we know that the will ruin the breaks. Come on people---seriously!!!!

sidenote [2]: it is friday

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