Friday, February 26, 2010

thank you lindsay.

for introducing me [and now friends] to the worlds most addicting game ever.


My new mission would be when I discover someone with the iphone or the touch. I ask first a. do you have to game lineup? B. if the answer is no. I politely request that they download it.

I have converted up to [i think] five people, shall not stop there!

A few cases and side effects of this game:
1. less talking at my lunch break. More playing. We are fair and take turns [learning to share!]
2. anti social. Examples: a. sitting in cars at lunch breaks [shatto] b. playing before a movie, instead of talking to long lost friends. c. playing at friends houses, instead of watching tv and talking Results in convos like yup …umm yeah..right. yup. What did you say?? [you have to concentrate while playing!]
3. allows people to connect over new strategies and ways to get more points. [It is all about patience in the beginning and use two hands]
4. hoping and begging work changes phone companies as to allow me to get the iphone. Good thing my cousin was already on board.

All this fun and my highest score is ONLY at 3600. I must persevere and practice more! That has become a daily mission.

I leave you with a warning.
Beware of this game.
The case results show: if you try it, you will become addicted.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Keri that is awesome! Keep practicing... I am!

  2. I totally agree! Ive converted 3 people already! hehe :)