Saturday, February 13, 2010

blah blah blah soooo blog blog blog

this bar stool has become my destination for the last two days [temp reads 43 again]
checked facebook... times a new status updates
checked gmail...times a new emails
checked radar...times a moving a snail pace

I finally understand how the older people in florida may be a tad over weight. Bc when it is cold all you can do it eat and sit and eat and sit and then change locations and eat and sit.

The lipinski family made the best of the clouds and wind yesterday by:

First started out the day with a walk:

second went to the new movie valentines day, two huge buckets of popcorn:

third took another nap, bc the two above items took it out of me!!!

Fourth head to the race track bc we thought the weather let up, but it didn’t!! Sooo we head to krispe kremes instead:

fifth watched the opening ceremonies and feel asleep on the couch again!

so far I have check two things off my vacation essentials:
hit up publix and went for a morning powerwalk.

here is another funny sign we discovered:

nine minutes for it to becoming sunny according to
or maybe just time to go and eat lunch since i have been sitting for an hour!! :)


  1. i love the outfit you went walking in! Hilarious.
    We tried to find the OPI store this weekend... I think it disappeared!

  2. I thought KK in GR shut down? Have you ever checked TMZ???

  3. lindsay---sad day. it was by a very large intersection! and marvin had to cross 4 lanes of traffic, does that help?? you must find!! keep me posted!

    andrea---the kk i think is still open in gr, this was in fl [the one we visited] and tmz...reality tv thing. i do not actually watch! haha!!!