Saturday, February 20, 2010

ten thoughts on a saturday from the arlington couch:

[this is going to be a new installment on the traveling opi's blog. ten thoughts. not on a certain day, just random occurrence. allow you to peek in my brain]

1. I love cereal. All cereal. Today fruitloops. Last night late night snack honeycombs. Yesterday afternoon honeycomb cinnamon. I like Varity. I have five box of cereal open currently.
2. saw dear john. Rate, rental.
3. dollar beer and hot dog griffens game silly stuff. #5 is hot.
4. if coldstone is closing. All you have to do is ask a boy to hold the rolling door up [while being closed] and yell please please please stay open. We really want icecream. Noooo we have a pregnant woman and she has a craving. It works. Got my sweetcream and m&ms!!
5. I enjoy watching the Olympics. Snowboarding is awesome. Mens skating tad…hmm. Moguls ouch!! Go usa hockey!
6. lady gaga is now number thirteen on vh1 countdown…come on little monsters vote!
7. on the lent 2010 experiential calendar: feb 25 states: Do something that you’ve been putting off or trying to avoid.
8. question: what would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be? [not looking for your answers on this, I am only posing this question from the book purpose driving life. Made me think. So maybe you too]
9. book, furious longing of God: a. until the love of God that knows no boundary, limit, or breaking point is internalized through personal decision; until the furious longing of God seizes the imagination; until the heart is conjoined to the mind through sheer grace, nothing happens. B. Our religion never begins with what we do for God. It always starts with what God has done for us, the great and wondrous things that God dreamed of and achieved for us in Christ Jesus. C. you are blessed! Be-you-ti-ful. Be you. Just be. Love supports you. You are blessed! You have learned the purpose of life: LOVE. D. God loves me, just the as I am.
10. read an email this morning that gave me goosebumps. God is evident and working, pray is powerful. Will continue to pray and pray some more. Sometimes when you are at a loss for words, all you can reassure with is. Pray. But shouldn’t that be the greatest reassurance??? i am still learning....


  1. Book sounds good! Ill have to give it a whirl when I'm home this summer :)

  2. got opi on my toenails today - something about india...