Friday, February 12, 2010

what to do on day two?

yesterday woke up to 36 and wind chill advisory....

this morning woke up to...rain and 49.

what state are you in...florida!!
i do not believe all the licences plates that say: sunshine state.

so as i sit here with my family on a couch and a loveseat...we stare at each other: hmm
we first check where we can drive to sun. but rain continues throughout.
maybe a movie.
maybe a nascar show.
maybe a random adventure [i love random adventures!]

so now we continue to look at each and watch tv and read. until one of us has a great entertainment idea.

so what good has florida brought me thus far:
1. 2 hours of sun yesterday, chilly but sunny
2. relaxing relaxing relaxing relaxing!
3. 10 hours of sleep last night! amazing!
4. lots of family laughing. jeff got all you can eat crab last night and he ate and ate and ate and splatted his crab on us all, while cracking it open. that was in a quality restaurant called: charlie horse. [35 min wait or maybe over an hour] nothing like gathering a bunch of mid age fat nascar fans in one bar!!

you know when you are on vacation when you drink pop at 9 am and your mom sits next to you at 10:30 eating a cookie!! bahhh


  1. fat nascar fans! I love it! :) I got Ryan Newman assigned to me at work so GO RYAN! isnt he kinda cute too?

  2. I can't believe it is so cold there. I think we are on the upward spiral of hot weather here in the DR. I think winter came and went in a matter of a few weeks! I'm glad you are having fun with family though! Cookies at 10:30- that's what I call Monday :)