Monday, February 15, 2010

and now we are back at it

up at 6:30. Leave at 7 for Orlando. say good bye to the parents until march 6. delayed an hour due to crew mandatory rest!?!? arrive in gr, arrive at my house. off to work. off to the y. home. unpack, laundry, and finally the bachelor.

Recap of the Floridian vacation:
one day full of sun! One nascar race. Lots of family time and quality time. Lots of sleeping. Lots of relaxing. reading and sudoku. Olympics. Fun adventures: mall, krispie kremes, quality bars. walks and beach runs. All this goodness makes it a success in my mind.


HIDING BY THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING, IN THE PARKING LOT TO FEEL THE WARMTH [told betsy this is one of the weirder place i have slept before and her response, especially in your bathing suit!]

AT THE RACE: [six layers and comforter]

ON A WALK [valentines night aka pink day was just the girls, race went way over. so we went for a walk and to dinner, very good!]

Here is a brainteaser for you:
Today as I boarded the airplane home to good old gr, I had to use the bano. I just do not understand this. Why do they have a sign that reads if you smoke there is a $2200 fine. BUT then on the door there is an ashtray? Hmm does not make any sense to my brain.


  1. I thought the same thing when we were flying home from DR!! haha Great minds! :)

  2. ok and the bachelor....??? "I am on a treadmill when I kiss you?!?!?!"

  3. one of the many!!! terrible lines on the bachelor....