Sunday, March 9, 2014

whirl to the wind part 2

Day two started out with checking out of our hotel and riding the monorail over to 
So excited to visit there again, truly it is is so fun even for this big kid

 Here we go!

The whole gang again [Ben really was happy!]

First stop The Crystal Palace for the Pooh and friends Character breakfast
This was so fun.  Ben LOVED all the characters, gave them huge bear hugs and the food was outstanding!  like 3 or maybe 4 ;-) plates worth! hehe  

Can you tell by his smile how excited he was!

Tiger was insistent on taking a pic with everyone even me!! haha
He also said call me...I said I would ask my husband ;-) 

Check out this food! Deep fried cinnamon sugared french toast...yes please!

The entrance had each character made out of dried roses...lots of detail

Time for a ride.  The Little Mermaid...
someone LOVES the little mermaid and was mesmerized by it!

cant get enough of main street

The classic Dumbo ride

Belles interactive show.  
Ben was spoon and fork
Mom was the cupboard
and Jeff was the guard

Ben was so shy around Belle..aka hands in the pocket :)

Long day required a treat!
SOOOO good.  Cookie sundae

a quick stop at the confectioner

Cake pop for me and rice krispie for J

one last stop to see the Main Man of Disney!
again Ben LOVED it!

and now that we saw Mickey our trip was complete
We did it!
So fun!  Great trip...time to head back to reality

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