Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Read read read

X three.
Three books this week on vacation and one half day to go..and one more book to go. 

Here are the books 
And here are the reviews
1.  I've got your number 
Typical Sophie book. Funny. Dorky. Silly. Quick read. Of course there was a problem/mix up and it is solved in the end. If you are a Sophie fan you will like. Recommend. 

2. The best of me. 
Typical sparks book.  Little darker/sadder overall. But it was good. Switch ending that I didn't see coming. The rest I will keep a secret. I enjoyed and would recommend. 

3. Before I say good-bye
Oh Mary Higgins Clark. Why have I stopped reading you. You are such a good mystery. Really enjoyed. Good twistes and turns. Of course I recommend. 

That is three for three folks. One weeks worth of vacation books in the books :) 

Read on read on! 

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