Sunday, March 2, 2014

Movie theater popcorn

Is really hard to beat. And actually next day movie theather popcorn is probably the best of all! ;) 

Friday night I got some movie theather popcorn and it was great!!! Two thumbs up!

Now that I have covered that the popcorn was outstanding. 

So was the movie: Thd Book Thief
(Yes I read the book. And yes I think the book was better, like usually when you compare books to much more detail in books)
BUT I thought this movie did a good job following along with the book. The ending was a tad different but still good.  

I really liked all the personalities that they chose to play the characters especially papa! 

I liked being able to actually see the town and the fashion of that time. Really brought the book to life. 

Even if you haven't read the book I am sure you will enjoy the movie (at least J did)

So two thumbs up all around! 

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