Sunday, March 30, 2014

Plants and pining

Plants: I did my last watering on Friday night. Their mama and my mama is heading home tomorrow! Due to arrive by the weekend!!!!!!! Can you tell we are all excited!!!!!! 

So here is a final picture of their upkeep. 
Drumroll please.....

Looks pretty much the same! Hello!!! I think their mama is going to be PRETTY happy!!! :) 

Pining: on one of our (many) Walmart trips I discovered a while back this drying mate that I really really wanted (cough I am sooo getting old if these are the things I get excited about) 
Anyway today I passed it and it was on sale!! Major woot. She is finally mine! 3 buckeroos and happy kari!!

Now I would say I already put it to use but my hubby beat me to dry his beer off that was in a cooler. Hmmm do not think that was approved by me. All well! She is mine and I am happy. Little things in life :) 

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