Thursday, March 20, 2014

flowers flowers

spring has sprung...or not sprung yet if you live in Michigan
But today is the first official day of spring, so I am hoping it is coming soon! 
positive thinking right there

so i maybe was not the only one that woke up to snow...ekkk :) ignoring that :)

so I will just have to show you my indoor flowers
actual my moms indoor flowers that I am taking care of...

here is an update of them:
These are the ones at her house...that J and I visit about ever 10 days.
they look like they are holding up....
not too much longer guys.  you can do it!

and this is the one at my work
really I am positive about this one.
looks pretty much the same
again hang on there little buddy...mama will be home soonish...

now time to bring on the outdoor to follow in ohh another month ;-)
Happy First day of SPRING! 

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  1. Thanks for the update, I've been SO nervous! :) You're doing better than me, I just bought fakes...