Monday, March 31, 2014

Block out the light.

So here are a few additions to the house to help with that. 

We are slowlllyyyy working on a few more house things. We have officially lived here for three months. We moved in, unpacked and settled somewhat. Took a break from "the projects" but now that some time has passed we are back on the list of things to do. 

First up blinds: here are the most recent 

We also put them in the other two bedrooms and our closet. I think that is all for now

Then it was time to get the guest bathroom finished just in case we get some visitors?!? 
So now we at least have a shower curtain. Still to come a mirror 

Then it is time to head outside when it warms up. Landscaping. House painting. Driveway paving

Inside: furniture. Lockers. 

Like I said this will be a slowwww process :) 

Bring on not only the spring cleaning but the spring projects. 

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