Friday, March 28, 2014

take me back

Please...haha if only
and if only vacation went on and on :) 
But it was back to reality today

J and I had a great week of visiting my parents in Key Colony, FL
very neat place, good weather, and good company

Thank you parentals for letting us visit
thank you parentals for providing us with lots of junk food aka two key lime pies, ice cream and ice cream...on and on... and jelly bellys :) 
thank you for parentals for spoiling us with fun! :) 

Here is the camera reel 
Florida Keys 2014 style!
Truth be told

Sea Isle and typically daily activities
Reading by the water with little or BIG visitors...they were everywhere

The beach that J actually didnt mind walking...round trip 10 mins ;-)

pool time

paddle board we found at the condo
reading corner 
reading corner
other reading corner

the grandma Marie would have LOVED it here...everything was labeled and there was directions for everything.  Including the white towels to sit on with a wet bathing suit.  the blue if not wet.  yup!  no joke!

Excursions for the week
one: Walking part of the seven mile bridge

moms last day on the crutches! Go Mom!

Two: Day Trip to Key West
Southernmost Point

Flowers and cruise ship watching

Conch Shell informational tour through the city

Zero Mile Marker

Getting ready for the Key West sunset

Three: Fishing and Theater of the sea
The boys did a fish

So the girls went to Theater of the Sea...Kinda like Seaworld of the version

The Bird show

The dolphin show

The sea lion show
I really enjoyed all the shows!  Fun day

and here we are about to eat all the fish! SO GOOD!  

Nightly Activities
at Sunset park...where you got to sing the MARATHON song...really
old people lead a group sing through a song...and they were REALLY into participation 

Time to SING

One night we walked to a different part of the island to watch the sunset

and out front

and a little shuffle board.
Girls WON

and onto our last day we started the day out right with a beautiful sunrise!

and that is a wrap!
Such a great week away
hard to come home from this
I think we need to go back! :) 

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  1. Let's gooooooo!!! 2015!!! Umm however, iguanas on the beach?! and a bird show?! ACK! Bird are to Betsy, as kitties are to Kari: not wanted! :)