Sunday, October 31, 2010

mary kate by night, opi by day

halloween pics from party. fun run. party two:
bogos must be twins-

football players!?

run. run. run. opi's

lipinski's know how to have fun-

too much halloween goodness-

visitors from the trick r treaters-

Friday, October 29, 2010

throw it back yo

throwback friday!!!!
Throwback one: MUSIC
Ashlee Simpson this morning. brought me back to the good old days. Pieces of me. l.o.v.e. autobiography. just a few of her awesome songs.
Throwback two: CANDY
seafoam! was delivered by the pound to my desk yesterday. ahhh just the smell itself is good. thank you grandma school bus for not only leaving a legacy of love for seafoam but also for introducing me to the tv show friends.

Throwback three: HALLOWEEN
The one day a year it is cool to be thrilled with candy and the sugar buzz is accepted as normal! and you even get to play dress up. This year could bring about many outfits, as I have three possible Halloween events. Possibly and not exclusive to one: Waldo, mary kate and ashley olsen. tennis chicks. ballerinas. OPI bottles…endless ideas!

So dance dance wherever you are today, live it up, and throw it back Friday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

professional dog walker

Of purse size dogs only, that will be my niche. Reason one to move to NYC. Get your exercise and cash, in one big giant swoop of a day through central park. Reason two: become a taxi cab driver, already quick on the breaks and get to people watch all the crazies of crazies times the millions. Reason three: cause NYC weekend away was wonderful, such a fun city to be in and experience. I was a true tourist. At times had the camera around my neck, the map in my hand, and my eyes to the sky. Took it all in starting at the statue of liberty. Went on the ferry to go over to island, but we decided not to wait in yet another line, so stayed on the boat for a loop around! We also went to the empire state building, Rockefeller center [ice-skating is out!] and top of the rock [awesome views], times square [busyyyy], ground zero, central park [beautiful and huge], little Italy, double-decker bus tour [day and night], a few museums, and shopping. Via 5th avenue, times square, china town, and other places that popped up along the way. We also went to Broadway play: promise, promise with Kristin chenowert, molly Shannon, sean hayes. Very funny! Being a Lipinski girl means you know how to pack in fun filled three day adventure!

Friday, October 22, 2010

inspiring words by mr. jay-z

Headed to the:
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
Theres nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York

Mr. jay-z I do hope all my dream will come true this weekend [and monday, no work!]
Lipinski girl’s excursion in the big apple: Site seeing, shopping, and relaxing.

Happy Friday and weekend to all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

laundry day

provided us with a ripley’s believe it or not:

These are both mine
These both fit my bum
This is not an over share, just stating the facts.
Where can you find these gems? Traverse City run down outlet mall…at least that is where I found mine [and so did bets and linds!]

Monday, October 18, 2010

Consumer reporting.

So my mom as buys these lovely mints. You know the good stuff, really expensive 1.99 Wintergreen icebreakers. The disc shape container, opens on each side. there is a ‘to share’ or ‘not to share’ tabs. Let me ask you this: why is the ‘to share’ tab allow only a few mints out and the ‘not to share’ opens half way to allow as many as you want. what is wrong with this?? We can only share a few at a time, but we selfishly can have as many as we want!?!? you would icebrakers mint disc container maker. What are we teaching our children! ;-) I think about this every time I have one. You can call me crazy but I do!!! Does any one else notice/get bugged by this or is it just me?!?! Just a consumer reporting to another consumer. take it or leave it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

boo to the zoo

first fallish activity. Boo in the zoo with the cousins, which turned out to be my aunt, uncle, grandma, betsy, and my mom! it was such a beautiful day out and nice to be at that zoo. Probably had been about five years since my last visit. I did not forget though how smelly the zoo is! ha! still plugged my noise through the penguins area [mom informed me that i use to do the same thing when i was little] still have a sensitive noise! Still dislike the petting zoo, watch from outside the gate. Still really like the monkeys. Which the gorilla butts are sooo gross. grandma made that point, jean made that point. my mom made that point...ok so we all made that point. we are maturer! Also harry was very into the bear poop. made me take a picture.

Ratings for the weekend:
Friday night made my first trip to the wealthy street bakery. it-was-good. thumbs up! chocolate thing we ordered good good. not happy though, they do not have ketchup. [got a strange look for that question, one of the many actually that night from the worker girl]

went to two movies: I thought it was good. little long. i would rate rent it.
social network. Really liked it, very interesting. I would say go out and see it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

basement surprise

My brother and sister-in-law are on the move….no longer five streets down neighbors. Sad. I said so now what happens when I need a bundt pan while in midst of creating mom’s next birthday cake…who will I call or walk over too?? This scenario did not hold them back to ellsmere. So cleaning has begun and as a result today I was giving this surprise.

I would have to guess I am about 4. If you look super close there may be a tiny tear in the eye. [hated school pictures, always cried. Seriously no idea why…. my poor mother!!] Also people check out the hair do for my Thursday friends. This was a tame version of the hair weidos. No feathers or curly ribbons, just simple white little balls. My mother was just so classy this year I guess!!!

Per usual happy friday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

toto dogs

May be cute in a basket on the yellow brick road
On a sign down plainfield where they sell delicious popcorn
In a pink polka dot purse
They are not cute when they come unexpectedly running out of a yard right at you jumping up and down and all up in your business. First I strongly dislike animals [even small ones, I know I know…mock me if you must!] and second most of the walk I was still wobbling around and couldn’t even imagine anything more than a stroll let alone running from this little thing. So instead I yelped at my mom and did the side hide and shuffled away! Thank goodness for the little neighborhood girl that got out of the mini van to bring this puppy home.

All in a days walk that is what I can say!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Time i crossed the finished line! Major form of relief. I did it!
chicago marathon under my belt. first item off the bucket list! what an awesome experience to have, but one i will probably never want to experience again!
3:44:38 minutes of running may have just been a tad too much! :) but still glad I gave it a go. So neat to see so many people running and cheering! My response to the: how are you feeling today? Answer: it is great to sit, so-so to walk, not good on the stairs or lifting of the legs. This is one day i am thrilled to have a desk job!

So thankful for all the encouragement of my friends and family through it all and race day, made it so much more rewarding! Truly blessed! Plus the runners for susan g komen raised an awesome amount of money. Truly felt the impact when talking with the coordinator at the fundraising tent and just how appreciative he was of the ‘teams’ effort and the money we raised and now all the opportunities it will be able to bring! So neat to hear! So thank you!!

Not only was the marathon awesome but so was the weekend. Hit a football game with the bogo on Firday night. Drove down to Chicago Saturday morning and in true Lipinski style had to make a pitstop at cabelas [hunting mecca!] Dougie gave himself a 45 min shopping limit. While he shopped we [bets mom and i] roamed the store, through the general store free fudge samples, the talking deer history museum thing, the aquarium, and up the escalator to the check out the café and the gun range. So much goodness in one place! Headed the rest of the way to the doubletree [yummy cookies at the check in] Then out on MI Ave to H&M, pasta dinner...CARBS! Then garretts popcorn line hmm yes 45 min is worth the goodness…and then bed!! Up and at it at 5:45am….to ring in 10-10-10!

Friday, October 8, 2010

mailbox rocked yesterday

because it brought me two AWESOME THINGS!!! [or assume, if you spell like my father. he caught it 5 mins later....but it is no surprise where i get my skillzzz!]
back to the mailbox, refer to picture:
one-card from the bogo! loveddddd it!!!
two-lady gaga tickets! it is official, it is on. they are literally in my paws now!!!

getting closer. two days peeps! marathon time! I will admit i-am-nervous!
but no turning back you do not train for four months to give up now, mentally preparing. wish me luck and the ability to walk at work Monday morning!
cheers to FRIDAY!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just call me miss weatherbug

well some already do. watching the weather like its my j-o-b!
keeping tabs on 10 day forecast. actually all we need now is the 5 day....5 days to marathon. prediction still high 70 low 55 and sunny! can we say perfect running weather, cause i can! please stay this way.
still working on the preparation: lots of sleeping, lots of healthy eating, no desserts or pop. just trying to take it easy, hoping it will pay off!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

four days of agendas

Birthday celebration-round two
Out downtown with the family. Bc my parents were gone on my birthday we delayed our family celebration for awhile! So this years restaurant choice was 25 kitchen. It was so good. I had a lobster sandwich and then we shared THREE desserts! That made me happy. We also got to see some of art prize before and after.

Art prize-round three
Went downtown with betsy and got to see a few more of the pieces. Not the best at timing again bc I have still not made it in the art museum, bc it closes to early. It was such a nice night to walk around though and a fun night with the bogo!

Rocking out in the mini:
This weekend was BHS fall outing---em’s work took everyone to the grand traverse resort for a weekend away. I was em’s sister or daughter for the weekend. I loved it!
Saturday agenda:
9:00 ran/biked
10:30 got the breakfast buffet [must hit it twice to make a buffet according to shatto]
1:00 hit the bead store
2:00 traveled up the peninsula for a little site seeing and wine tasting, beautiful!
5:00 Got a mani, diva of Geneva
7:00 dinner, main part of the outing
11:30 first trip to the casino with the $10 dollar hotel voucher. Lets see I tried out the penny slots and won 4.11. woot woot cashed in on that!
2:45 hit the bed.
Rolled out of bed this morning and made our way home. Such a fun time away! Liked meeting em’s coworkers and just a nice time away! Thanks mom ohhh thanks for taking me on the elevator ride up the tower.

this week will bring: healthy eating, lots of sleep, BECAUSE one week from today is the MARATHON! oh the excitement and nerves bottled up together!