Tuesday, November 2, 2010

there is no i in team

we are the Johnny rogers extreme team. we are the fun green team!
last night was the last night of flag football. Hard to believe we use to kinda dread going on mondays night and now we are not ready for it to end. [we i mean the bogo and i] Ok so the socializing is way more fun than the playing, at least in my mind. Last night we spent a little extra time at the cantina and probably laughed for a good two hours straight. funny funny stories. we got into the prize box and the trophy's we didn't win! No more football but we do have the chili cook off to look forward to. I wonder what we will win! [not over confident or anything] bring on gwen's white bean chicken chili recipe!

the team:
the BEAN dip:
the random gear:
the trophy that we didn't win:

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