Saturday, November 27, 2010

oh if every weekend was four days

we could enjoy so many more fun things! things like:
running in the wobble gobble fun race with the bogo [took home a wonderful apple and dog poop on the shoe...]

enjoyed a lovely thanksgiving meal with the family. ate enough!

planned out the 5.20am shopping excursion. Went to Best buy, walmart, kohls, the mall [macys is where i finally turned into a big girl and bought myself an iron!] then old navy, norman camera, tj maxx and then home for a nap

until the 'big' 80th birthday party! grandma school bus turned 80 and we went to thousand oaks with her siblings to celebrate!

this a.m went to Russ' with annie and kim [annie if you are reading, you should really become a blogger!]

then the last fun thing to wrap up the LONG weekend. Decorated the house with gwen. new destinations for the lights, around the doors and watched the first of the many hallmark christmas movies. finally let the festivities begin!!

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