Sunday, November 7, 2010

not typical, but typical

Not typical: Moving day. It is official 1010 ellsmere no longer is the home to Mr. Jeff, Betsy and [baby] Lipinski. I have now accepted the challenge to hold down the northeast side by myself. I can do it! They now live out in Granville, literally 5 min from the mall, my brother has referred to that being a ‘kari bonus’ numerous times [yesterday already took advantage. Stopped on my way home to pick up lay away at pottery barn!]. I am very happy for them. Their new house is beautiful and has a pool!

Typical: Bumming with the bogo. Reeds walk and the chilling on the couch while eating gummies, watching a movie we have seen 10 times, taking messed up self portraits. Giggling. Confused by the remotes. Painting nails. Fully facebooking. I love Saturday nights!!

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