Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i am [insert]

blessed beyond belief

very thankful for a God that never ceases to amaze me and teaches me new things daily

very thankful for a loving family

thankful for wonderful friends

glad to have only worked three days this week

watching beauty and the beast

Smelling sugar coated pecans, that i just cooked for one of my two dishes to pass. so much more grown up this year, that i was assigned two tasks! big girl panty time!

excited to run in the gobble wobble race with my bogo in the morning, even if it is suppose to be beyond freezing
then excited to enjoy a day made for funny family and thanking and eating and hopefully not getting gut rot

actually excited to get up at 5 am for black friday and run around town like a crazy woman with my mom shopping for deals that probably aren’t that great but getting an adrenaline high non the less and hopefully eating mcdonalds breakfast and listening to christmas music

trying to plan a way to go on a trip to a warm destination and to visit a friend in the UK, I vote duo able

glad that I went to legally blonde the musical last night. ‘the bend and snap, works every time!’

excited for the countdown to continue to 9/10/11 and must brush up on my picture taking skills. bloggeross here i come!

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