Saturday, November 13, 2010

oh what 7 hrs will do to you

cleaning and cooking. earning my domestic diva badge!
cleaning: on my hands on knees. whole house. spic n span.
cooking: 4 hrs with my bogos help! we made:
1. sugar cookies [from scratch]
2. cupcakes
3. cake [ball] truffles: meaning bake a cake, stir in frosting and dip in chocolate.
4. frosting for the cookies and cupcakes
5. fondant for the cookies and cupcakes
6. stuffed french toast
7. chili

Tomorrow all the goodness will pay off when we celebrate at the yellow and white polka dot themed baby shower, giving by auntie kari :)
and when we take home first place prize at the johnny rogers chili cookoff!

Now time to sleep to prepare myself for all this goodness!

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