Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa list[s]

It is that time of year again. We are almost there where it is legal to listen to Christmas music, to put up the decorations, and to spread the holiday cheer. Today I received my first email beckoning for my santa list. Now for some reason santa list[s] stress me out. Not only for what I give but also for what I receive.
Receiving end: I do not know if it is bc A. what I really want is not obtainable or B. the other thing I really want to just to expensive to even write down. So that leaves me with the bystanders of cookware, ditty bags, and running shoes! [not bad…just stating!]
Giving end: I want to give a gift that people do not tell me, but they secretly want BUT they just do not know it YET! And that is a tough act to follow year after year. So today I official have put on my thinking cap to come up with those gifts.
Summary: Cheers to the season of giving and receiving and what truly this season means!

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