Tuesday, May 10, 2016

lovely day

celebrating Mother's Day

started the day off with snuggles and playing with the controller
Love this little man to the moon!  
so thankful to be his mama!

Then we headed off to see Miss Mollys dedication
Arie wasnt a fan of their nursery, which no idea why
they had fabulous toys
so we ended up looking at the horses that happen to be next to the church and played in the rocks :)
or maybe Arie just wanted to spend more time with me ;-)

thankful for this lovely mama
and her little peanut!

 post nap smile
loving this expression
he is doing it more and more when he is super excited about something 

 then it was off to grammy and grandpas

bring on cousin time

Grandma also wanted a ride!
not looking 85 here!

these two crack me up!
arie loves a free ride!

thankful for my mother in law
and glad we could all celebrate together

and thankful for my mama
and all she has taught me to be a mama
and thankful for all our lunches and hanging out with get to do ;-)

a wonderful day that makes me feel incredibly blessed! 

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