Tuesday, May 3, 2016

he knows

what he wants
not in a bad way...actually very helpful to know :) 

woke up this morning pointing at the mobile...wanted it on
when i turned it on.  he got up and tried dancing in his crib

wanted up on the chair
then it was off to our last ABC moms. sad day

I wanted to a selfie
I have new glasses 
no more hockey tape and clear mail packaging tape holding the side on
yes I was classy.  yes I wore them in public once.  and yes I had no shame
but sure feels good to have a new a pair :) 

wanted a bike ride
pointed and then got his helmet.  took off his hat
and waited for me..with patience actually

wanted to look and act like a big boy!
put me in coach!  

and ready to cheer his team on 

wanted to sit in his new chair
he LOVES this second garage and all of papas stuff

and that was just a few of his wants and needs today :)

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