Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I would title this

your First road trip: we survived ;-)

Last week we embarked on a trip off to NYC to see Arie's cousins
we did this via the car with grandma, grandpa, great grandma, the mama and the papa and a LOT of stuff
the way down went great.  took two days arie played. ate and napped
the way back well not so much ended up driving all the way through bc someone woke up and refused to go back to sleep.  so we kept driving.  made it home at 7:45...but we were home! :)

so what did you do when we were gone....
here are the pictures to show

all packed up and ready to go

first stop
welcome to OHIO

reading with GG

and we are off on day two

welcome to NYC

first stop

arie loved it 

the Manhattan Bridge

YO sign in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

arie trying out Wils bike and loving it 

Picnic in the park

celebrating Wils second birthday

First Taxi ride
no car seat ekk 

woke up to a view
loved looking for trucks

walked down to world trade center memorial

then over to see the Statue of Liberty 

riding the ferry

walked the Brooklyn Bridge

read some books at a book store

cousin bath time

post cousins snuggles

one tired out little boy 
thank goodness

checking out the morning view

then it was off to church
they had a super fast slide

four generations

one more ride down to the park

a kiss goodbye to Wils

all loaded up and ready to ride

and a sleepy boy for a bit ;-)

home sweet home

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