Monday, May 30, 2016

26.2 long weekend

this weekend we headed up north to watch Auntie Rachel run the Bay Shore Marathon
and spend time with our families and play at the beach. parks and lots more!

checking out the place
lots has changed since last summer...Arie was just starting to crawl :) 

bike time

walking on the dock with grandpa
he squeals with excitement when he sees the grandpa

the next morning it was off to the marathon
we got to ride a school bus to the view points
Arie was thrilled

we spotted her!
mile 11 and 15 and the finish line

very fun to watch and cheer

wearing his new outfit that auntie rachel made him
while walking his new puppy down the streets of TC 

a very exhausting day

off to breakfast

then back taking in the view

walk with papa

first kayak of the season

playing in the sand

next morning a little breakfast on the deck
perfect summer morning!

then off to the park

then it was time to head home and see Auntie Rachel one more time
we went to the park by grandmas house

back home for a little yard work
which he never minds!
he picked to wear the earmuffs 

then off to the MVP pool for a swim

loving it with the papa

then it was a wrap
a long weekend with lots of great stuff!
we are so excited for the start of summer

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