Sunday, May 15, 2016

double dutch

Tulip time
I haven't been to tulip time in ages
and this year we went two days in a row...making up for lost time :) 

the first day we went with grammy
all dressed and ready to go

ready to ride mama 

headed to the park to see some of the pretty tulips

my favorite little dutch boy 

then it was off to the parade
Arie was VERY uncertain
I picked him up and put him down so he could see and he got super clingy and wanted to be held and be put in the stroller
he proceeded to sit in the stroller like this...wouldnt move

eventually he warmed up to it
and actually loved it
waved and was so cute to see!

day two
we decided to head back and this time grandma marcia came with 
the weather was very sun and ended up pouring

Arie just loved the wooden shoes!

we met up with our friend Tina

loving the parade again

and then it just started to POUR

so that was enough parade for us!

so fun at tulip time
we will be back :) 

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