Wednesday, May 18, 2016

friend time

we have had two friend hangout lately

first we had a great time with Sarah and Cory and her kiddos
soon to be three kiddos!  cant wait :) 
we grilled. ate and played

being silly together 

second we got to go to the zoo with Miss Molly and her mama :)
it was great to walk around chat with B.  Molly slept the whole time and Arie played on the train and saw some of the animals 

ready to go mama

I braved the petting area thinking Arie was love to see the animals
and well....he went to the door and wanted out 
he is just like his mama

he found the train and loved it 

the tiger ekkk

little buddies 

mama buddies
reminiscing about the good old days of field trips
and climbing on the John Ball statue 

this didnt take long
he was a tired buddy!

we love time with friends
lets do it again soon!

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