Monday, January 31, 2011

running like river

this weekend my dear friend gwen some how convinced me run with her [which i like to do] BUT also to run with her dog river [and you all should know by now my love for animals!]
Now let me just tell you how it goes when you run with river.
1. you always have to be on your toes bc he stops and starts on a dime
2. He cuts in front of you and jets near cars.
3. stops for frequent potty breaks.
4. all well running through the snow!
this = a very entertaining workout!

and this is how i felt about my weekend and this is why i have coined phrased it: running like river.
started out with betsy and her cool work peeps for a romantic Italian dinner
lets just say chocolate molten ice cream cake
followed by: how can you be eating, cake balls crafted by em, gwen, kim and kp at the shower prep! bring on the baby vriesman shower. created the poopy diaper game, favors, place cards, and more

Yayyyy its Saturdayyyy:
baby time! such a great time with friends and their moms at allyson's baby shower. can't wait to see this super mom in full gear. oh so soon!
then off to see the newest cutest man in my ben! first time giving him a bottle. trying to make a baby burp can be difficult, feel like you are beating him on his back or tipping off the handle. but the monkey enjoyed it and then lived it up like every other baby and slept in my arms for the rest of the time
from baby to my bed. home to shovel the snow, oh the snow! and twenty minute power nap before it was off to foosball playing party, followed by sign a waiver of your life away broom ball! i just tried to be a sweeper in the back with b and anna!

fun on the SUNday:
Such a beautiful sunny day to head to church and to head to the parents to skype with pa [he has been in Israel all week!] worked it during the shred [about two weeks in now, still challenging] then it was demo time at the g units soon to be hood. we went to lowes x two and world market. painted [sprawled out in the bottom cupboards painting] then home and in bed sleeping by ten!

and now the fun starts all over again!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i [heart]

*bulk valentine candy

*patient cashiers in the twelve items or less lanes that deal with people that have say thirty items or less. thank you lane number six cashier

*a cuddle monkey that slept in my arms for three hours

*sister in law chats

*finding the Australian open on the y tvs, thanks yo!


*flannel sheets

*thursday nights

*wearing staple gray hoodies to work

Monday, January 24, 2011

bet i can make you smile

yup still a proud auntie, but I just can't help it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

second row from the top

First stop: Downtown Detroit parking garage
Second stop: People mover over to Greek town.....umm yes hello please meet delicious deep dish pizza!

Third stop: Taxi, rushing to the game BC [1] running behind. [2] Deep dish takes 50 mins to cook [3] people mover line was absurdly long!
Fourth Stop: steps of the joe....merry christmas dougie. Let's go red wings!

Fifth stop: row one section 215

Sixth stop:
Row 19 section 215 seats 11 & 12
Seventh stop: parking garage traffic jam. [1] lost a year of my life for the stress i felt sitting in the car with my dad hoping and praying and wishing he would not run someone over or take their rear end off because they were not moving fast enough [2] rubbed my head, closed my eyes, clinched my fists [3] very grateful to be on a highway without a ton of cars

Great father daughter [grandpa auntie, what we tend to call each other now] bonding time!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

let me introduce you to

Benjamin Scott Lipinski

He arrived into the world and was greeted by his very happy parents at 9:28 on January 19, 2011 weighing in at 9lbs. 5oz 22 inches long with lots of little blond hairs.

I met him this morning at 9 am sharp and it was definitely love at first sight. Love his little figures and toes! and the smell the fresh new smell of a baby!

He also got to meet his very excited grandparents. Ben they will definitely treat you well, mark my word!

Here is my first form of spoiling and he wasn't even 24 hours old. Have to start them out young for the love of gap jeans!

What a day! I feel very blessed to be an auntie already! It has been fun sharing the excitement with my family but also as fun being able to share it with my friends! Thanks be to the Lord for a safe delivery and a very healthy baby.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lipinski, party of six

Welcome to the world Benjamin Scott.
Can't wait to snuggle you tomorrow morning

Monday, January 17, 2011

bad combination

el burrito loco endless chips and salsa
first day of P90X cardio and ab ripper
four tums and bachelor on the couch.
tummy ache [yes i am five]
do not recommend.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

change it up

CHANGE IT UP. One of the classic lines from the mighty ducks [Quote: they look tired what do i do, yell change it up!]
so this weekend i kinda changed it up, in some ways.
Changed up the type of exercise, getting some fresh air and enjoy PURE MICHIGAN [betsy let your ears hear the ring of Tim Allen's voice. all at once, ahhh!]

also level two of the shred. My recommendation, should have stayed on level one for a little bit longer.

Changed up dinner date with the bogo. We cooked our own food. yes we did. miss becky and homeky at your service. We made coconut baked shrimp on spinach salads. Thank you to The girl who ate everything Then we made these lovely brownies from a scratch [this was a new concept to me] also made the chips ahoy truffles!

Changed up necklace, made this with the bogo! Thank you to this self portrait b took, i officially think i need a tan!

Changed up after dinner discussion. Got a visit from laura and austin. Chatted with them for a while at the kitchen table under the changy [that never happens] It was nice to be able to catch up and see them for a few!

Friday, January 14, 2011

i will admit...

honesty is the best policy.
...i am definitely a chocoholic [i have tried to give up the sweets and i just can't, so i am coming clean] first step to recovery is admitting my wrongs
...that I hate pickles, but what i hate even more is when some puts a BAG of pickles on my water bottle and makes it continue to smell like a pickle for two days.
...that i enjoy starting my day by reading semi trashy novels at 6 am on a treadmill and finishing my day by reading spiritual inspirational books.
...that i spent my Friday night cleaning my dirty house [including cobwebs in the basement] made chips ahoy truffles &[puppy chow aka left over melted chocolate] did day one of the shred [yes my arms are semi tired] and started season three of entourage
...that I am becoming like my mother. I am working my way through my cupboards and freezer. Eating my way through, bc it appeared like I was becoming a hoarder.
…that I beat the computer on words with friends. On the road to this victory I played a 14 point word that started with p and ended s and had three letters in the middle [scrabble ha]. Right after that I tried to play the word fuc. Where is my head! All for the competitive edge.
…I am happy [for the time being] that some people are persistent, even when I doubt myself.

what we have here is my latest installment of the random honest thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for at least two days [deep oh so deep]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

one is the loneliest number

1-11-11 wished at 11:11, seems like this wish will have to come true!

one random fact at a time:
1. beat jeff in 'words with friends' [yes i suck at spelling but apparently it doesn't matter] game on again [not too confident hate to eat my words] keep you posted on the results
1. really worked it today, caught up on a lot of projects. really appreciate our new copy machine, yup i am proud to admit it do. BUT it makes my life a lot easier!
1. got my butt kicked...royal kicked in spin tonight
1. still patiently waited to be an auntie. the unborn is super content in the oven. granted it does have 3.5 hrs to make an appearance on one of the coolest dates yet!
1. four days until the aussie open!!

how did you celebrate the day of ones?

Monday, January 10, 2011

book review [part one]

Book: The wedding
Author: Nicholas sparks
Synopses: A true romantic story about how a man and woman married for thirty years, fall back in love with each other all over again.
Reading time: week and a half
Rating: Good. Of course didn't catch the 'surprise' ending bc i never do! but i really did enjoy it.
recommend: yes

Sunday, January 9, 2011

twenty five years old

and still kicking it. not me [bc i am twenty six ha], but this lovely snowmobile.

Lots of fond memories of this guy, back to the good old days. Still hear the story how i was sleeping on the front, as just a little guy and mom and jeff were following behind and tipped over. Now after all these year my cousin has full restored the engine and has it running again. So after we celebrated my cousins 1st birthday it was time to head out and test the snowmobile works and it was a blast!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lingering is not always good

Last one at a party, feeling the host or hostess lingering around you, to hint. Please leave my house. Awkward. Not good
A man that comes over to a woman at bar/restaurant/party/church. Uses his best pick up line. They chat, but as the convo dies down…. he continues to linger. Awkward! Not good.
Snow that doesn’t seem to want to melt come the first of April. booo. Not good!
Burnt toast from the toaster oven in the work kitchen. Smell lingerers through out the day. Not good!
Cold call salesman at the front door trying to sell you a very functional better than any other face crème out there product, but way overpriced. Can’t take no for an answer. Results he lingerers. Not good.

One or more of these we all probably have experienced but this is my most latest and greatest of mine….
Standing in family fare looking at cold medicine at 11 last night. A man in the same section is in the way and taking up the whole area. He is lingering. Strikes up conversation about what type of medicine he thinks is best for the flu. Says:
gotta try this.
This is the best!
And you know what is even better it is only 4.99.
That was his best sales pitch to me! The funny thing is, I do not even have the flu….was he trying to tell me something! Awkward! Not good.

Which ps may I make a public service announcement:
I did take the mucinx [that is what i ended up buying last night] The commercials are addicting. The little family flying out of the noise of the person the very sick, but yet very happy looking. Great sales pitch when you feel plugged up! Well I fell for it, not saying it doesn’t work but it sure felt like the little family was pounding on my head bc of it!

Monday, January 3, 2011

two zero one one

ringing in the new year with the party hats!
There were a few resolutions made. Trying to make 2011 a better year. On ward and up ward from here!