Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lingering is not always good

Last one at a party, feeling the host or hostess lingering around you, to hint. Please leave my house. Awkward. Not good
A man that comes over to a woman at bar/restaurant/party/church. Uses his best pick up line. They chat, but as the convo dies down…. he continues to linger. Awkward! Not good.
Snow that doesn’t seem to want to melt come the first of April. booo. Not good!
Burnt toast from the toaster oven in the work kitchen. Smell lingerers through out the day. Not good!
Cold call salesman at the front door trying to sell you a very functional better than any other face crème out there product, but way overpriced. Can’t take no for an answer. Results he lingerers. Not good.

One or more of these we all probably have experienced but this is my most latest and greatest of mine….
Standing in family fare looking at cold medicine at 11 last night. A man in the same section is in the way and taking up the whole area. He is lingering. Strikes up conversation about what type of medicine he thinks is best for the flu. Says:
gotta try this.
This is the best!
And you know what is even better it is only 4.99.
That was his best sales pitch to me! The funny thing is, I do not even have the flu….was he trying to tell me something! Awkward! Not good.

Which ps may I make a public service announcement:
I did take the mucinx [that is what i ended up buying last night] The commercials are addicting. The little family flying out of the noise of the person the very sick, but yet very happy looking. Great sales pitch when you feel plugged up! Well I fell for it, not saying it doesn’t work but it sure felt like the little family was pounding on my head bc of it!

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  1. I like how you have bar and church in the same slash! :)