Friday, January 14, 2011

i will admit...

honesty is the best policy.
...i am definitely a chocoholic [i have tried to give up the sweets and i just can't, so i am coming clean] first step to recovery is admitting my wrongs
...that I hate pickles, but what i hate even more is when some puts a BAG of pickles on my water bottle and makes it continue to smell like a pickle for two days.
...that i enjoy starting my day by reading semi trashy novels at 6 am on a treadmill and finishing my day by reading spiritual inspirational books.
...that i spent my Friday night cleaning my dirty house [including cobwebs in the basement] made chips ahoy truffles &[puppy chow aka left over melted chocolate] did day one of the shred [yes my arms are semi tired] and started season three of entourage
...that I am becoming like my mother. I am working my way through my cupboards and freezer. Eating my way through, bc it appeared like I was becoming a hoarder.
…that I beat the computer on words with friends. On the road to this victory I played a 14 point word that started with p and ended s and had three letters in the middle [scrabble ha]. Right after that I tried to play the word fuc. Where is my head! All for the competitive edge.
…I am happy [for the time being] that some people are persistent, even when I doubt myself.

what we have here is my latest installment of the random honest thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for at least two days [deep oh so deep]

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