Monday, January 31, 2011

running like river

this weekend my dear friend gwen some how convinced me run with her [which i like to do] BUT also to run with her dog river [and you all should know by now my love for animals!]
Now let me just tell you how it goes when you run with river.
1. you always have to be on your toes bc he stops and starts on a dime
2. He cuts in front of you and jets near cars.
3. stops for frequent potty breaks.
4. all well running through the snow!
this = a very entertaining workout!

and this is how i felt about my weekend and this is why i have coined phrased it: running like river.
started out with betsy and her cool work peeps for a romantic Italian dinner
lets just say chocolate molten ice cream cake
followed by: how can you be eating, cake balls crafted by em, gwen, kim and kp at the shower prep! bring on the baby vriesman shower. created the poopy diaper game, favors, place cards, and more

Yayyyy its Saturdayyyy:
baby time! such a great time with friends and their moms at allyson's baby shower. can't wait to see this super mom in full gear. oh so soon!
then off to see the newest cutest man in my ben! first time giving him a bottle. trying to make a baby burp can be difficult, feel like you are beating him on his back or tipping off the handle. but the monkey enjoyed it and then lived it up like every other baby and slept in my arms for the rest of the time
from baby to my bed. home to shovel the snow, oh the snow! and twenty minute power nap before it was off to foosball playing party, followed by sign a waiver of your life away broom ball! i just tried to be a sweeper in the back with b and anna!

fun on the SUNday:
Such a beautiful sunny day to head to church and to head to the parents to skype with pa [he has been in Israel all week!] worked it during the shred [about two weeks in now, still challenging] then it was demo time at the g units soon to be hood. we went to lowes x two and world market. painted [sprawled out in the bottom cupboards painting] then home and in bed sleeping by ten!

and now the fun starts all over again!

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