Tuesday, January 11, 2011

one is the loneliest number

1-11-11 wished at 11:11, seems like this wish will have to come true!

one random fact at a time:
1. beat jeff in 'words with friends' [yes i suck at spelling but apparently it doesn't matter] game on again [not too confident hate to eat my words] keep you posted on the results
1. really worked it today, caught up on a lot of projects. really appreciate our new copy machine, yup i am proud to admit it do. BUT it makes my life a lot easier!
1. got my butt kicked...royal kicked in spin tonight
1. still patiently waited to be an auntie. the unborn is super content in the oven. granted it does have 3.5 hrs to make an appearance on one of the coolest dates yet!
1. four days until the aussie open!!

how did you celebrate the day of ones?

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