Sunday, January 23, 2011

second row from the top

First stop: Downtown Detroit parking garage
Second stop: People mover over to Greek town.....umm yes hello please meet delicious deep dish pizza!

Third stop: Taxi, rushing to the game BC [1] running behind. [2] Deep dish takes 50 mins to cook [3] people mover line was absurdly long!
Fourth Stop: steps of the joe....merry christmas dougie. Let's go red wings!

Fifth stop: row one section 215

Sixth stop:
Row 19 section 215 seats 11 & 12
Seventh stop: parking garage traffic jam. [1] lost a year of my life for the stress i felt sitting in the car with my dad hoping and praying and wishing he would not run someone over or take their rear end off because they were not moving fast enough [2] rubbed my head, closed my eyes, clinched my fists [3] very grateful to be on a highway without a ton of cars

Great father daughter [grandpa auntie, what we tend to call each other now] bonding time!

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  1. I L-O-V-E that you're wearing a Wings shirt! :) and Dougie is on Cloud 9 Million I think!