Sunday, January 16, 2011

change it up

CHANGE IT UP. One of the classic lines from the mighty ducks [Quote: they look tired what do i do, yell change it up!]
so this weekend i kinda changed it up, in some ways.
Changed up the type of exercise, getting some fresh air and enjoy PURE MICHIGAN [betsy let your ears hear the ring of Tim Allen's voice. all at once, ahhh!]

also level two of the shred. My recommendation, should have stayed on level one for a little bit longer.

Changed up dinner date with the bogo. We cooked our own food. yes we did. miss becky and homeky at your service. We made coconut baked shrimp on spinach salads. Thank you to The girl who ate everything Then we made these lovely brownies from a scratch [this was a new concept to me] also made the chips ahoy truffles!

Changed up necklace, made this with the bogo! Thank you to this self portrait b took, i officially think i need a tan!

Changed up after dinner discussion. Got a visit from laura and austin. Chatted with them for a while at the kitchen table under the changy [that never happens] It was nice to be able to catch up and see them for a few!


  1. yum! i'll have to try making chip ahoy truffles...they look good! also, love the necklace- i'm hoping to make mine this weekend!