Thursday, April 29, 2010

i got every kids fireworks souvenir dream

a glow bracelet

The last forty eight hours have been quite the whirlwind if I may say so myself.

The fun began tuesday at 530 on alpine, when I meet betsy for dinner and a shopping adventure. We painted the street of alpine in hopes of fabulous bachelorette favors, which we definitely succeeded because we included glow stick bracelets! Duhh
The check list we accomplished in four hours:
Satisfy hunger with panera bread. Check
Kohl’s present buying and personal shopping. Check
Target candy buying and cousin gift purchase. Check
Michaels favor purchases. Check
Dollar store bead search. Unsuccessful. Check
Party city bead search. Successful. Check
Kari’s house for outfit pick out. Check
Opi color want. Check
Favors assembled. Check
Reservations made. check
Bachelorette game created. Check
in bed by midnight. Check

twenty four hours complete, twenty four more to come

The day began at 555am.
Gym, work = out at noon!!!

Roadtripped it [with my mom and her friend to meet up with allysons mom] to indy for the Vera Bradley sale.

One large, very well organized room filled with hundreds of woman, men and children of all ages and sizes, what did we all have in common: the love for the bright colored fabric, with vera written on it! One hour in line before hand. Two hours in the sale walking, sorting, searching, grabbing. Half hour checking out. All that ‘work’ and I was able to snag some good deals and goods [super tote, every girl needs a super tote]

What shall the next forty hours bring?
I hope:
Red wings win
Lovely night of sleep
Fast day at work
Roadtrip it with b to indy: number four for wedding fun
Bachelorette party fun filled Saturday!

Just dance!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

tu-tu like: 2 2

That is how she descried what we were going to:
ballet class according to a five year old
[played mommy and took lauren to ballet saturday morning]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

working by the minute

7:30 [been up for 20 min] hear my phone buzzing. I answer it. It is my cousin rich, who I work with. “umm the copy machine is jammed. How can I fix it” really really….there was no one in the office that could answer that for you.
8:05 walk in the door. Joey states, “the copy machine is jammed”
8:10 dad is upset with someone in the back. Proceeds to take it out on me by “yelling/reprimanding” me for taking a message when he was gone yesterday [stating the guy a. knew he was gone b. said he could call back at his convenience] get the big erkk eyes from colleen and joey who witnessed it!
8:15 walk down the hall. Get stopped and informed that when people call for don sr I am suppose to know that I am to now give that message to don jr [yes that was dripping with sarcasm!]
8:57 hear repeated sounds from joeys phone…he has download the app with thirty three different farting noises. Yup mature!
9:17 father comes into my office and apologizes for yelling at me.
9:55 father comes into my office to help me put things away. Now mr. helpful
11:07 father texts me…yup texts me. He will cover so we can go for a walk! [capitalize on his feeling bad for the busting out in the a.m.]
4:03 get asked by someone to please bring the pile that has grown in their box down to their office and put it on their chair. Did youe legs break from your office to my office!

Now you know why I am glad a personal AA or middle man!!

4:46 funny convo with my cousin who knows about the double date…he definitely appreciated the fact that I was called “dude” repeatable. Wasn’t impressed by his car…oh it is funny to let people into your personal life!

Cheers to clock watching tomorrow!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the ulta-mate Sunday

OPI’S buy TWO get ONE FREE!!!!!
[this deal does not come around that often folks, so when it does you must/we must capitalize!]

We have found that this is the best way to buy opi’s wait for this deal to roll around and then make sure you have a coupon and then hit it big time. [makes the opis come out to a little more than four dollars, such a streal!] We like to go on Sunday because we want to make sure we have the cream of the crop of the selection and not the picked over colors.

So today was the day, the day we had been looking forward too, since Thursday when the flyer arrived at the shatto.

SIX NEW COLORS were bought!
I finally got my color I have been yearning for: You don’t know Jacques! – Matte [yes the actual color has an exclamation point!]
Also a greenish teal, purple and three DIFFERENT shades of pinks!

Tomorrow the manicures will take place during dancing with the stars.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

saturday morning: it’s a date.

With my ipod and sneakers.

Seems to be the usual routine.
Wake up
Eat carb filled breakfast
Pump up to VH1 countdown
Survey the surrounding outside ie: temp, wind, precipitation
Pick out suitable outfit
Fix hair
Find stopwatch
Select playlist and we are off.
Bring on the long runs…now until oct!?

So my dad got texting this Friday.
Umm teaching how to do it, now that was comical.
Quotes: man my figures are too big.
Oh man I cant type this fast.
I am going to go crazy doing this

Now that he has text, he likes to use it and use it all the time.
Like Friday night at the mall [text from dad] Saturday morning on the couch [text from dad] running errands with mom [text from dad] if he hears my phone receive a text he wonders if it is his.
This is my favorite text from him so far: [he is telling my mom through me via text, that her bff called the house, I reply thanks] his reply “Could care less. Just like my new toy”

Thursday, April 15, 2010

fresh air and tax day

today was beautiful out.
today the line at the post office was crazy, due to all that procrastinated!

Got a walk in at lunch [which there is always a lady that we pass and she never smiles, never looks up, and always has head phones. My response: what a sad life. Colleens response: at least she has headphones in so she cant hear us talk about her!]
Walked with em downtown, which I have been wanting to for a very very long time [finally went to the fish ladder, yes I grew up and have lived in grand rapids my whole life!]
Got a walk in at kims

Now sitting in my bed with the breeze coming through the windows--- this is grand---I shall sleep like a baby this evening!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

men in uniform are attractive

To bad I just walked out in front of them in my most appealing night time outfit:
Gray dirty hoodie
One size to big tshirt sans a bra
Cropped stripped pj pants
Wet hair and glasses
Ugg boots

Why was a walking to my car at 8:46? Why was my car 15 houses down Arlington on the street and not in my garage?
Glad you asked:
Because across the street and two houses down there was a car fire. So after getting home from the y the road was a tad congested with three fire trucks and a ton of people [gwens comment was who knew we even had this many neighbors] [gwen also comment how she heard a weird noise and some yell call 911 and thought nothing of it and got in the shower anyway...then realized it may have smelled like smoke in our house!!! love ya g] hey at least we now know that the fire hydrant that is a landmark for our home works.

Very interesting night, fox news was here. So hoping to get a full report at 10, bc at 11 it will be history!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

is 67 par for the course?

That is for 18…well 18 of mini golf. Apparently need to work on my short game [or not play against a golf pro and his athletic gf]

In other news for the day on a Tuesday:
Discovered an absolutely amazing app….opi that is.
Color wheel of every opi color made [included a search engine in alphabetical order]
Now could this be more convenient.
Now if only ulta would put there opis on sale!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


mm-equals-monumental moment.
Friday I signed myself up for the Chicago marathon 2010.
26.2 miles. My reaction: what did I just do!

ec-equals-electric cheetah.
Now is the cheetah black or spotted? Have we discovered this answer yet ladies?
Ladies dinner it was. The lovely beth, Emily, betsy, kim and Kristina joined in the fun on wealthy street. Pretty long wait. Apparently difficult to seat a party of six, worth the wait and lots of fun. Very yummie sweet potato fries. Some of the party processed on to 25 ottawa. Also a newer destination. Nice place.

bb-equals-bed and breakfast
Location of lauras wedding shower in southbend. Very cute place and really a fun time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

moving [1] [2]

[1] Yesterday did a little moving with gwen. moving of furniture that is [which I spelled that all on my own Betsy, without having to yell it!]
For April fools kim fooled us, so we fooled her back.
Pay close attention to the furniture arrangement. should the kitchen table be by the tv [yes some may find that ideal, but not our kim!]
Bahhh rahhh hahah!!!

[2] yesterday did a little moving of the phones….i am now a proud owner of my own iphone or 24/7 access to lineup…your call!!!!
Goodbye my sweet little blackberry. You treated me well [spell check and all, why doesn’t the iphone have it or does it…help if you know!]
hello my little app filled genius! And the possibility of bad romance for a ringtone!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

bunnies, chickens, butterflies and lambs.

The baking: today my mom had a project awaiting my arrival home from the early church. Bc today I attended the 8:20 service, yet it was strange how everyone else attended the 8:10, must read bulletin more careful next week. So please view our baking skills below. [you will not find a picture of the lamb or the chicken bc those were on the reject pile my father was allowed to eat]

The dish to pass:

The hunt: Sixty eight eggs counted. Sixty six accounted for. Hmmm
Two children and nine adults later, yet still could not find the missing eggs, looks as though my mom will be finding a few surprises this spring.

The look: I never realized I could come up with such a terrible look before, but I have now been told that this is not something new…..must stop soon!

The conversation: Do you ever notice that when you get a group of people together. Say like at a family gathering or party, there is one topic that always comes up....facebook. so funny to me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

got my craft and my cook on.

Crafted up some bachelorette invites.

Cooked up so cinnamon sugar pecans for my salad. Aka dish to pass at Easter!

Today helped em move. We stopped to pick stuff up at her grandparents. In their basement they had one of those glass balls that automatically water plants. Have you seen the info commercials? Well I so wanted to permanently barrow it, but em didn’t think that was good idea. But after we had to make round two back to their house to get the forgotten head board, she asked her grandpa and he voluntarily gave it to me….yippie for me and the plant in the study. It now will not have to die and be revived on a monthly basis [if this thing works!]

Why must my back light motion sensor light be on…still? Who knows how to fix that? Not me! Geshh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

today i won a million bucks

april fools, fools to me.

did see a person in my neighborhood hit a dog!
not april fools.

was there any fooling going on today? i could not think of any good fools, so i did nothing. now i regret. next year watch out my friends.

the last two days have been amazing weather wise.
yesterday hit up the courts.
ha literally played my first games of tennis.
tonight blazed out the track.
ha literally at reeds. good run and walk.
love it. love it.
makes me smile.
warm, summery weather. never gets old!