Thursday, April 8, 2010

moving [1] [2]

[1] Yesterday did a little moving with gwen. moving of furniture that is [which I spelled that all on my own Betsy, without having to yell it!]
For April fools kim fooled us, so we fooled her back.
Pay close attention to the furniture arrangement. should the kitchen table be by the tv [yes some may find that ideal, but not our kim!]
Bahhh rahhh hahah!!!

[2] yesterday did a little moving of the phones….i am now a proud owner of my own iphone or 24/7 access to lineup…your call!!!!
Goodbye my sweet little blackberry. You treated me well [spell check and all, why doesn’t the iphone have it or does it…help if you know!]
hello my little app filled genius! And the possibility of bad romance for a ringtone!

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