Saturday, April 17, 2010

saturday morning: it’s a date.

With my ipod and sneakers.

Seems to be the usual routine.
Wake up
Eat carb filled breakfast
Pump up to VH1 countdown
Survey the surrounding outside ie: temp, wind, precipitation
Pick out suitable outfit
Fix hair
Find stopwatch
Select playlist and we are off.
Bring on the long runs…now until oct!?

So my dad got texting this Friday.
Umm teaching how to do it, now that was comical.
Quotes: man my figures are too big.
Oh man I cant type this fast.
I am going to go crazy doing this

Now that he has text, he likes to use it and use it all the time.
Like Friday night at the mall [text from dad] Saturday morning on the couch [text from dad] running errands with mom [text from dad] if he hears my phone receive a text he wonders if it is his.
This is my favorite text from him so far: [he is telling my mom through me via text, that her bff called the house, I reply thanks] his reply “Could care less. Just like my new toy”

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  1. crack me up! haha oh Dougie. Hey I bought a bike! Let's go biking!