Tuesday, April 20, 2010

working by the minute

7:30 [been up for 20 min] hear my phone buzzing. I answer it. It is my cousin rich, who I work with. “umm the copy machine is jammed. How can I fix it” really really….there was no one in the office that could answer that for you.
8:05 walk in the door. Joey states, “the copy machine is jammed”
8:10 dad is upset with someone in the back. Proceeds to take it out on me by “yelling/reprimanding” me for taking a message when he was gone yesterday [stating the guy a. knew he was gone b. said he could call back at his convenience] get the big erkk eyes from colleen and joey who witnessed it!
8:15 walk down the hall. Get stopped and informed that when people call for don sr I am suppose to know that I am to now give that message to don jr [yes that was dripping with sarcasm!]
8:57 hear repeated sounds from joeys phone…he has download the app with thirty three different farting noises. Yup mature!
9:17 father comes into my office and apologizes for yelling at me.
9:55 father comes into my office to help me put things away. Now mr. helpful
11:07 father texts me…yup texts me. He will cover so we can go for a walk! [capitalize on his feeling bad for the busting out in the a.m.]
4:03 get asked by someone to please bring the pile that has grown in their box down to their office and put it on their chair. Did youe legs break from your office to my office!

Now you know why I am glad a personal AA or middle man!!

4:46 funny convo with my cousin who knows about the double date…he definitely appreciated the fact that I was called “dude” repeatable. Wasn’t impressed by his car…oh it is funny to let people into your personal life!

Cheers to clock watching tomorrow!

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