Saturday, April 3, 2010

got my craft and my cook on.

Crafted up some bachelorette invites.

Cooked up so cinnamon sugar pecans for my salad. Aka dish to pass at Easter!

Today helped em move. We stopped to pick stuff up at her grandparents. In their basement they had one of those glass balls that automatically water plants. Have you seen the info commercials? Well I so wanted to permanently barrow it, but em didn’t think that was good idea. But after we had to make round two back to their house to get the forgotten head board, she asked her grandpa and he voluntarily gave it to me….yippie for me and the plant in the study. It now will not have to die and be revived on a monthly basis [if this thing works!]

Why must my back light motion sensor light be on…still? Who knows how to fix that? Not me! Geshh.

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