Wednesday, April 14, 2010

men in uniform are attractive

To bad I just walked out in front of them in my most appealing night time outfit:
Gray dirty hoodie
One size to big tshirt sans a bra
Cropped stripped pj pants
Wet hair and glasses
Ugg boots

Why was a walking to my car at 8:46? Why was my car 15 houses down Arlington on the street and not in my garage?
Glad you asked:
Because across the street and two houses down there was a car fire. So after getting home from the y the road was a tad congested with three fire trucks and a ton of people [gwens comment was who knew we even had this many neighbors] [gwen also comment how she heard a weird noise and some yell call 911 and thought nothing of it and got in the shower anyway...then realized it may have smelled like smoke in our house!!! love ya g] hey at least we now know that the fire hydrant that is a landmark for our home works.

Very interesting night, fox news was here. So hoping to get a full report at 10, bc at 11 it will be history!

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  1. excellent point about the difference between 10 and 11. Wow craziness on Arlington, and yes, I'm glad I asked! :)