Sunday, April 4, 2010

bunnies, chickens, butterflies and lambs.

The baking: today my mom had a project awaiting my arrival home from the early church. Bc today I attended the 8:20 service, yet it was strange how everyone else attended the 8:10, must read bulletin more careful next week. So please view our baking skills below. [you will not find a picture of the lamb or the chicken bc those were on the reject pile my father was allowed to eat]

The dish to pass:

The hunt: Sixty eight eggs counted. Sixty six accounted for. Hmmm
Two children and nine adults later, yet still could not find the missing eggs, looks as though my mom will be finding a few surprises this spring.

The look: I never realized I could come up with such a terrible look before, but I have now been told that this is not something new…..must stop soon!

The conversation: Do you ever notice that when you get a group of people together. Say like at a family gathering or party, there is one topic that always comes up....facebook. so funny to me.

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  1. The bunny cupcakes look delish!
    Love the family photo