Sunday, January 31, 2016

waddle it

be for B
Baby shower for miss mama to be Betsy!
Such a fun afternoon showering her and the babe

duckie themed shower details

Let the shower fun begin
First up lunch
then stations: Nails and decorating blocks for the baby

Then dessert and presents

and the guests
fun group of girls

and of course one with the mama

count down is getting closer!
excited to meet baby T!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throw Back

Thursday only seemed appropriate to post on
when it was your due date last year
here we were last year
at 10 days old

and here we are this year
at 1 year 10 days old
post nap...waking up face :) 

my oh my what a year makes!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

all i need

is a bench bc it makes Arie so happy

 and makes the mama so nervous!

is a mama for a piggy back ride
he loves it..pretty much guaranteed smile :) 

is a carwash with the papa to make me happy
and to be able to drive the car

is a kitchen spoon 
and a shoulder ride from the grandpa

all these things make this little one a happy camper!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

sleds. snow

and Grandpa and Grandmas house

We stopped over and spent a little time out on the hill 
sledding and playing

Arie loves the outdoors and had no fear
[mama had more fear for his safety than he had of anything!  story of my life!]

A little sled behind the Mule 

we had a super fun time
and then we were plagued with the same bug Arie had early in the week
Thankful that has passed
onward and upward :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

a bit under

the weather
I went to a church event with my mom
and Arie proceed to throw up 4 times when I was gone
but it didn't seem to set him back

I got home to this
he was helping papa clean up
I felt so bad for him but he didn't seem bothered

the next morning woke up to this little boy
aka bed hog
something about a sleeping baby that makes me melt

and one more throwing up 
meant early bath
he didn't mind he loves playing in the water :)

then it was PJ home day for the rest of our Friday
a little aquadoodle time

and a little tv
he liked the couch cushion missing 
meant he could climb up and down all he wanted

glad this little bug has left the house
and thankful to have our little eater back!

Friday, January 22, 2016

go green. go white

unfortunately they did not pull out the W

the best part is we got to take Arie and that made up for the bad ending

He LOVED the first half
sat and starred at the game. the people.  clapped with the music.  even 'danced'

and well then the second half came
and he found out there were stairs and lots of stairs
railings.  popcorn on the floor.  open hallways.  bathrooms
and well the game wasn't so exciting [expect it WAS]

but we had such a great time!
glad it was an early game and we could take Arie along!
now come on spartys lets pull it together and WIN the next one :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016


and last time wrangling Arie to sit by the numbers
first not sad moment of him getting older ;-)

and the out takes

and that is a wrap.
I am taking my numbers and going home :)

This months facts:
1. He weighs 21lbs. 7oz and 30in long and got three shots at his appointment and cried :)
2. he is walking and speed walking [wont saying running yet] but he is getting there.  He is climbing and very curious...which is fun! and busy :)
3.  He is in mostly 18 months clothing.  some still 12-18. 
4.  He loves to carry heavy things, play with cars, sit for 2 pages of a book :) and go to swimming class or the MVP pool
5.  He is still taking two naps a day and sleeping [knock on wood] good at night
6.  he prefers to walk around saying/yelling dada dada 
7.  He likes the snow and being/looking outside and being in his sled
8.  He likes the mama and the papa to hold him too...which we do not mind!

he is just a fun little man
and now is my ONE year old! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

camo cousins

Ben came over to play at Grandma and Grandpas 
and LOOK can you even see him
Both Arie and Ben were dressed in the same camo gear
not planned!

they sure like to play together :)
they both love to have their picture taken haha

after all that playing Arie needed a rest in his favorite stroller and a little push from grandpa!
such at fun afternoon
everyone likes grandma and grandpa house

Monday, January 18, 2016

he made me

a mama a year ago today
when people say it goes by quickly they are not kidding!

can not believe how much he has changed our lives in a good way and brought so much joy to us
his smile, giggles, curiosity, and non stop movement is so fun to see each day
yes there have been long nights...aka 3 am parties where he would rather play and cuddle than sleep and challenges and lots of learning and reading and discovering [which I am sure this will never stop]
but wouldn't change it for the world!

sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart- Wise words from Winnie the pooh :) 

So last year Jan 18 was spent birthing this child and being overwhelmed with becoming a new mom
today on Jan 18 we went to swim class, lunch and playing at grandmas/playing and a celebration dinner with the three of us and visiting grandma and grandpa pater

a very quick morning snuggle with my one year old!
thank you little boy...warms the mamas heart

a little cheesing

and a #1 birthday pancake
which he loved!

one picture before heading off to swim class

grammy came and watched and took some pics :) 

then back to grandmas for a nap and lunch and playing

thankful for all the love and help they show to this little boy and his mama

and party of three party
another dessert this time he LOVED the frosting

loved the frosting and left most of the cake
just like his mama 

his gift with papa

and one more pic with the mama
she was a little sentimental about the day
but am so happy for this past year and for the years to come 

love you Arie!