Sunday, January 24, 2016

a bit under

the weather
I went to a church event with my mom
and Arie proceed to throw up 4 times when I was gone
but it didn't seem to set him back

I got home to this
he was helping papa clean up
I felt so bad for him but he didn't seem bothered

the next morning woke up to this little boy
aka bed hog
something about a sleeping baby that makes me melt

and one more throwing up 
meant early bath
he didn't mind he loves playing in the water :)

then it was PJ home day for the rest of our Friday
a little aquadoodle time

and a little tv
he liked the couch cushion missing 
meant he could climb up and down all he wanted

glad this little bug has left the house
and thankful to have our little eater back!

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