Sunday, January 17, 2016

only a day away

tomorrow tomorrow 
i will love you tomorrow
Mr. ONE year old Arie!
I wont get mushy cause I only have an 11 month 29 day old child :) 

but tomorrow could be a different story haha

So we celebrated this ONE year old with a party Saturday

detail shots 
thanks to my mama for a lot of help
including the shirt!

never have a been so nervous to frost a cake ;)

may with hold from making 5dz cupcakes for a while 

the monthly photo banner that you cant see to while in the picture

and then it was party time!

aunt BB ;)

thanks again to the mama and mother in law for help

Arie LOVED the party food grandpa was feeding him 

Getting ready for the cake

he didn't get to messy
he seemed to like it
but nothing really over the board!

and lovely gift from the lovely guest!
this little love is really blessed!

trying out his new chair from grandma and grandpa lipinski

cousin pics
well they were all done :) 

and good bye to grandma and grandma great

we are so thankful to celebrate this little ones FIRST birthday with so many family and friends

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