Thursday, January 21, 2016


and last time wrangling Arie to sit by the numbers
first not sad moment of him getting older ;-)

and the out takes

and that is a wrap.
I am taking my numbers and going home :)

This months facts:
1. He weighs 21lbs. 7oz and 30in long and got three shots at his appointment and cried :)
2. he is walking and speed walking [wont saying running yet] but he is getting there.  He is climbing and very curious...which is fun! and busy :)
3.  He is in mostly 18 months clothing.  some still 12-18. 
4.  He loves to carry heavy things, play with cars, sit for 2 pages of a book :) and go to swimming class or the MVP pool
5.  He is still taking two naps a day and sleeping [knock on wood] good at night
6.  he prefers to walk around saying/yelling dada dada 
7.  He likes the snow and being/looking outside and being in his sled
8.  He likes the mama and the papa to hold him too...which we do not mind!

he is just a fun little man
and now is my ONE year old! 

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