Friday, January 1, 2016

15 to 16

out with the old
in with the new
little sad to see 2015 go
since it was the year my baby was born :)
a lot of sentimental memories took place 
but since i have yet to find a way to stop time

here we go

Helping mama pack to leave for Grandma and Grandpas
first time leaving him over night at their house and it went great!
thank you love
and thank you grandma and grandpa

New Years Eve wear

and then it was time for mama and papa to be off

We had a great time ringing in 2016!!
we were able to go to Texas [which I had never been to Texas]
and go to the Cotton Bowl

hello Texas

and the game
82,000 something people 
holy cow that is a BIG staduim!

and the basketball team was there
and since Js friends brother in law plays, some came and sat with us
so we got to meet some of the players
man I am SHORT haha
 I told Costello my Grandma loves him
haha he was proudly embarrassed but it is so true
and she likes Valentine
so had to get another pic

even though the results of the game were not what we were hoping for
it was still a great time!
and allowed us to both stay up until midnight
so victory all around

excited to see what 2016 has to bring

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