Friday, April 1, 2011

LOOK at the sparkling finger

of my favorite actress. she got married this weekend! Happy wedding Reese!




Did I mention I hate Chocolate now?

Did I mention I am getting a dog?

Did I mention I am running the Chicago marathon?

Did I mention I am no longer a lady gaga fan?


Did I mention I am pulling your leg?
Did I fool you, make you blink?
Hook, line, and sinker?

None of the above.

What shenanigans are you pulling.....
Be on your toes. Warning it is fooling day. April fooling day! Happy day!

How did I legitimately celebrate?
1. Divulged in a rice krispie treat for breakfast. valid. rice krispies are cereal, duhhh!
2. ate a hug [not a kiss, a hug!] at 10:13. valid again, because it is a holiday!

Rejoice, celebrate BUT more importantly consider yourself warned, be on your toes!

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