Monday, April 25, 2011

pick and stick

That was my nickname I had with Jeff when we were growing up [and probably still used today, never out grow that sibling rivalry cough cough words with friends] BUT I do like to believe that this lovely trait has now been passed down to the next generation, as I have captured it in this lovely photo. Please insert the words
Not fair
He isn’t being nice
She is taking it from me

I guess when candy and money are involved you get this way.
They can flip the switch and look as cute as can be!
Speaking of cute…here is mr ben on his first Easter.

and one of two dishes to pass, actually not the finished product but close enough. This was coconut whip cream...hmmm vanilla wafer dessert [thank you kraft again] not pictured: cobb salad. That is the wrap on the food and for the day!

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