Thursday, April 7, 2011

One, two, three…not Britney spears style

Granted according to Popeater [heard on the radio this morning on my way into work] she has a new album out and she is in a serious relationship, so apparently that makes her life perfect! Now for all you pop culture lovers….do you remember the good old days of Britney. The days when we she wore dirty school girl outfits or snakes to the MTV movie awards and was ‘normal’…then she fell of the train and shaved her head and married that Kevin guy. Well Britney I do hope with the new album that you can get your life back on track, cheers to you.

Anywhoooo [said in a Minnesota accent]

One: Hager time.
Last night was movie night at the hager’s house. We…
ate a delicious meal
laughed and talked, such great people!
watched the movie New in Town
listened to Betsy quote New in Town
we laughed again, maybe cat napped minus the cat!
ate these cookies, bakerella at your service

got attacked by the cat
we laughed again
then we talked again
and talked, planned the next night. Movie RED!

Two: Dougie time
Found this note on my desk this morning. I have to laugh bc a. huge problem or not! Love him for his concern. B. all caps. For as long as my brain will allow me to remember he has written in all caps. On everything! Notes, birthday cards, letters, orders….ect. I have never seen this man write in small caps! Ha and that is not for constant YELLING purposes, just the way he rolls. C. smiley face. Most notes contain some form of a face, happy or sad! Sometimes he even puts them inside is CAP LETTER D! oh dougie!

Three: silent readers
This concept as been blogged about before on and was brought to my attention again after a lovely meal on Sunday night. We hate them, but we love them. Famous quote from Tony [I think his name is Tony] from P90X you hate it, but you love it! Anywhooo again. I would like to take this moment to say hello to my newest silent reader. 1st! DO NOT judge. Yes there are and will be grammatical errors, turn your eyes away. 2nd! yes I typically blog about nothing except what is rolling around in my head. 3rd: YES I typically use a hundred or more exclamation points! But anywhooo again! ENJOY!

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